The Simple Things Contest

The Why:

Recently, out of the blue, Lynn Lasher, the founder and CEO of Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce received an email from one of her son's childhood friends. He just wanted to let her know how much fun he'd had "hanging out at the Lashers" when he was growing up. He cited some activities Lynn had long since forgotten, which included but were not limited to regular house wrappings with Lynn at the wheel of the getaway car. She was incredibly touched by the gesture, and spent the afternoon thinking about the best parts of her own childhood and the many people who, often in the simplest of ways, had enriched her own life.

The What:

Somebody's Mother hopes you'll take the time to remember someone important to you and tell us about it. It can be about your own mother, someone else's, a friend, teacher, relative or neighbor. It can be about one moment or a day or a lifetime. We're going to post your stories and give $500 grocery gift cards to the winners of the best stories. They will be redeemable at the stores of any of Somebody's Mother's participating retailers. (See list below). We'll even print your story and mail it along with any order from our online store to the subject of your submission. It'll make their day just like they made yours. Deadline is May 5th.

The How:

There is a simple thing you can do to enter the contest and we hope you do it with an open heart. The men and women of our armed forces and their families personify the spirit of giving for a greater good. Their sacrifices are legion and their contributions touch all our lives. So please give $5 to USA Cares and let's get this party started.

Submissions are now closed

And, to Jacques Holzmann, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your email.

Participating Retailers:

Abe's Market Balducci's Breed & Co. Bristol Farms Central Market
Diane's Gourmet Essence On Main Events Gifts Foodstuffs FRESH by Brookshire's
The Gift Shop In The Herb Cottage Hubbell & Hudson Kings Supermarkets Rice Epicurean Markets Simply Suzi Gifts
The Sweet Gourmet William Poll Gourmet Foods Whole Foods Market Wild Goose Manufacturing

*Many of these retailers provide online shopping

Simple Things by Amy Kuney